How It Works


According to Dr. Royal Rife every living organism has a frequency. He discovered certain frequencies can inhibit healthy development and even destroy diseases. Dr. Rife noted that many factors have a negative effect on our bodies natural healthy frequencies such as what we eat and more recently the constant bombardment of frequencies from cell phones and computers.

American inventor Nikola Tesla (1846 – 1943), a pioneer of electrical technology, noted that the elimination of outside frequency interference on our bodies would allow us to have greater resistance toward disease. Unfortunately all the new technology surrounding us, like cell phones and computers, are having a profound negative effect.


The natural healthy frequency of our muscular, skeletal and nervous systems range from 60-72 MHz. These three systems are responsible for all of our movement, balance and strength. When the frequency is off we experience an increase in negative effects – less balance, weaker joint strength, increased joint pain, numbness and tingling – due to an increase in common ailments associated with our systems. The Copper Charge band is embedded with your bodies natural healthy frequencies and wearing the band returns you to a natural healthy level.

I have been wearing the band for about a month and until I would think about it I was always complaining about shoulder tightness and wrist pain. While wearing the band I don’t feel either one. I really think this product is great even though I cannot explain it.

Mary Ann Goodemote  (Perrysburg, NY)


Copper Charge bands begin with a metal disc which is first polarized and then electronically imprinted to the same frequency as a healthy human body. When the processed metal comes in contact with your skin, your atoms instantly mimic the frequency imprinted in the metal and resonate in unison for a positive impact. When your body’s frequency is correct your body functions better and is able to fight off problems more effectively. The instant result of all your atoms resonating in harmony is an increase in balance, strength, and maximum performance of your bodily functions. Our wearers report reduction in pain, increased athletic performance, more energy and feeling better. Daily functions such as getting out of a chair, walking, lifting, anything that requires strength or balance becomes easier.


Every atom in your body has a self contained electrical charge, various things around us can diminish the frequency of the charge making us susceptible to disease and resulting in poor balance, pain, lack of focus, listlessness, as well as many other reduced functioning of the body. The imprinted metal in the Copper Charge band subtly raises your body’s frequency to the correct level without overcharging to achieve optimum body efficiency and in many cases reduce pain. Within days of wearing the Copper Charge band almost all of our clients reported their joint pain diminishing and within a week they experienced less pain, greater flexibility and a renewed vigor in all their activities at home, work or sports – making them feel like they did years ago.

I was a true skeptic about these bands at first. My wife made me buy one to see if it would help with her arthritis pain. Not only did she feel much better after wearing the band for less than a week, I could see on her face how much less she was struggling with everyday tasks. We now both wear bands everyday.

Jim  (Indianapolis, IN)


Unlike magnetic jewelery, Copper Charge bands will not have an effect on your watch, pacemaker or any electronic device you may be wearing. It will never lose it’s charge in your lifetime or we will exchange it for a new band. If you are suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, any joint pain or if you want to improve your balance, your golf game or your energy levels you owe it to yourself to try a Copper Charge band.

Love the bracelet. It has worked wonders for me. I’ve just ordered 3 more for friends and family. I truly recommend trying. Thank you for your assistance and friendly way of doing business each time I call. I’ll be sending more orders your way for sure!

Alex (Sandy) Laidlaw


Copper Charge technology was introduced 19 years ago. Since then thousands of people have found relief from pain, numbness and tingling caused by their skeletal and nervous system ailments. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t experience the same relief. Our return rate has been less than 2%. Over 98% of people who try our bands are satisfied with their results. Before you make the decision to take toxic prescription drugs with a multitude of side effects, why not give Copper Charge a chance to help you. No side effects, no high cost monthly refills, only 100% guaranteed results within 2-3 weeks.